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The Story of Flowers of the Sol

Hi my name is Lee, the artist behind Flowers of the Sol. I introduced Flowers of the Sol in 2018 - a year after my father passed. He was one of the few people I would share my creations with and he is my motivation behind sharing them with YOU. Much of the inspiration behind Flowers of the Sol comes from the pure  essence of a sunflower. To me they represent MAGIC. They hold within them all of the cosmos combined, the entire universe. In June of 2017 after a long battle we lost my Dad to cancer. That month one of my sunflowers I planted grew beyond this realm. Higher than our house and bigger than any of us have ever experienced. A feeling we hold onto dearly. That magical energy that I hold within me is incorporated into everything I create. I pour loving, healing intentions into every piece, each pour & more. Here you will find my handmade candles, custom art painted onto canvas, and more ~ directly from my heart through my hands. I am grateful for all of my experiences and the beautiful souls along the way. You help me learn, grow and love in every way.
Thank you for being here, for supporting my heART.
Love and only LOVE, Lee.

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